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 Ecology & Environment Division

Mandate :

Mandate:Forest Ecology & Environment Division undertakes multidimensional research on structure and functioning of forest ecosystem, biodiversity conservation, restoration and management of disturbed lands, environmental management and pollution abatement through vegetation.

Objectives of the Division

1.      Structure and functioning of forest ecosystems in relation to regeneration            

2.      Biodiversity status of natural forest and plantation ecosystems                             

3.      Investigating technology of eco-restoration of degraded areas, mined lands,  landslides and marginal lands

4.      Role of forests in resource conservation                                                            

5.      Ecosystem services of forests                                                                          

6.      Environmental Management                                                                            

7.      Wetland Ecology

 Objectives of the Division are being achieved through:                                     § Research                                                                                                    Applied and basic research in the field of forest ecology and environment, development of scientific rehabilitation of mined lands, landslide or disturbed lands,  wetland areas, biodiversity conservation, environmental  management and pollution abatement with active co-operation of State Forest Department, local stakeholders, industries, NGO’s and community.

§ Education                                                                                                    Running M.Sc. Environment Management Course of FRI Deemed University. Teaching and supervising postgraduate courses and research programmes in Forest Ecology & Environment related subjects.                                                           

§ Training                                                                                                          Imparting short term training courses on Eco-restoration of mined lands, Environmental Impact Assessment for managerial level officers, supervisors and field officers to make them abreast with recent research developments in these areas. 

§    Consultancy                                                                                              Advisory and consultancy to industries, local community, Armed Forces and NGO’s on Environmental Conservation and Restoration of degraded lands and Impact Assessment with specials reference to ecological and socio-economic indicators  that relate to the objectives of ecosystem management.

Links to other Organizations/Institutes                      This division has active links with-                                                                             

§  State Forest Departments                                                        

§  Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee                                         

§  National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee                                        

§  India Meteorological  Department, Pune                                         

§  Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India, Mumbai                         

§  Uranium Corporation of India, Limited, Jaduguda                               

§  Steel Authority of India Limited                                                 

§  Pyrites phosphates & chemicals Ltd., Dehra Dun.                               

§  127 Infantry Battalion, Eco Task Force, Dehra Dun.                           

§  U.P. State Mineral Development Corporation, Dehra Dun.                      

§  Bharat Coking Coal Ltd., Dhanbad                                               

§  Eastern Coalfield Ltd., West Bengal                                            

§  National Rainfed Area Authority, New Delhi

Current Research Activities      

Ecorestoration of Degraded and Mined Lands

Environmental Pollution

Biodiversity Conservation

Climate   Change 

Wetland Ecology

Estimation of biomass and Biomass Expansion Factors

Carbon Sequestration  




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Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

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